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  1. I was refering to why can't I run WinIntegrator on WinXP x64 to build a Windows 7 image? My main PC is winxp x64 and it has .net4 and WAIK for Win7 on it. Just curious to know what feature WinIntegrator needs from the OS and not .net 4 Thanks.
  2. Why does it not support Win XP x64? What feature does it need? Thanks
  3. Blue4603: Great start and fantastic to see some software out of SA. Can you fix the paths, cos every time it looks for one of the batch files it gets the path wrong. Eg: Unexpected Error: Could not find a part of the path 'E:\win7_build\Win7_x64_updates\work\updates.bat'. ... work\iso.bat ... So instead of using relative paths maybe have a fixed working directory. Also could you wrap your code in more try{} catch{} blocks cos it's annoying having to restart every time it falls over. Also the all important question... any plans to add a component removal tab? One last thing, none of the changes I made the the "services" section applied... so the install was a complete vanilla. OS: Win x64 Test: VM