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  1. Ah, nevermind, success!!! I redone the tutorial and worked great. Got access to both my partitions and everything is good now! Thank you all of you.
  2. Ok so I did it all now working well until i issue the command: F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22 (enter) its been like this for the past half-hour with no other indications, what should i do now? reboot pc? im afraid to do it
  3. I redone all connections and now its instantaneous echo. But however i connect the TX and RX always get -> on hyperterminal, both ways i connect always get -> Whats wrong?
  4. Hello I have set up everything but am getting into a problem here: when doing Ctrl+Z only a small arrow appears. - Loopback works fine (but slow maybe 15 seconds since writing and appearing on screen - is it normal ?) - Tried changing TX/RX and back again, no difference - Tried 3.3V and 5V no success either - COM port is 38400 8 N 1 N as usual - Is there something in the BIOS RS232 that should be changed? - PCB is off disk, and on disk too but no difference - PCB heats up too, so it's working My RS232 TTL is this: Please help me too