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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks to all, who compiled this information here. I have successfully recovered my Seagate 7200.11 500GB from BSY-state following the steps of Gradius2's direct guide and using the Schmartboard+Jumper-Cable suggestion of fatlip, so I didn't have to solder anything (never done that *cough*). Just one thing, maybe I've missed it here, because there are so many replies, but you MUST NOT press Ctrl+Z after removing the plastic/paper card (and thus reconnecting the PCB board contacts). You only have to press Crtl+Z at the beginning and after the 10 second ON/OFF of the HDD. Thanks again, saved all my data with a very nice do-it-yourself internet guide (even though the pictures at the direct guide don't seem to work, even after log in)