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  1. Anyone tried the new detonater drivers v21.81 from Nvidea, with supposed improvements for winXP. I think I will set a restore point before I use them :mad:
  2. cool covers the best i've seen Hi Res too
  3. can anyone access them getting error 480
  4. dual boot winXP / winXP corp DEvils ABIT BH6 300A o/c to 450 ;)soon to be upped to PIII 1G 512M PC133 Ram 7200 SEAGATE 9G QUANTUM 13G Geforce 2MX 32M Sony 17" 200GS s/blaster 52 LG CDROM SONY 32 X 10 X 4 Burner Acer scanner HP 930C / HP 690 MS wheel mouse $10 Windows KB v90 modem