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  1. I'm sorry but i've lost my crystal ball... (scroll up my posts) Your post doesn't include any information what so ever. Like what errors did u got. U tried searching on google? Sorry if this is sounding abit harsh. But it's not B)
  2. That's the first thing i disable when i install/reinstall windows
  3. No there aren't the same. Maybe u downloaded the wrong ones. These drivers im using. U have to download my other rapidshare download for the Ati drivers. Good luck with. It took me 2 or 3 times to get it right. Make sure u uninstall all other drivers. And disconnect the USB device.
  4. Well i did it like this. Install the x10 drivers then the vista ones (without rebooting and finally the 2.5 ati drivers. Might give u some errors, but reboot now. And hopefully it works.
  5. Sure here u go. Im still struggling with the right way .. [edit] Oh it just worked THx Also used the x10_64 drivers + vista 64 bit drivers. and 2.5 remote wonder. Gonna reboot. See if it still works.