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  1. I used the version that you attached and it works great! Thanks for your help! Rich
  2. Still not working. I'm using the 3.2.0 version. What verison are you using?
  3. Is it possible to have WPI configured to install my apps from a UNC path? It seems that when I add the double backslash it is getting converted to a single backslash by the time it gets added to the registry. e.g. "\\dmmsupport1\install\_SETUP\sqlcli\standard\x86\setup\setupsql.exe" -s -m -SMS -f1 "\\dmmsupport1\install\_SETUP\sqlcli\standard\sqlcli.iss" turn into... "\dmmsupport1\install\_SETUP\sqlcli\standard\x86\setup\setupsql.exe" -s -m -SMS -f1 "\dmmsupport1\install\_SETUP\sqlcli\standard\sqlcli.iss"