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  1. I am testing this on Win PE 3.0 for Windows 7 imaging. I got SETRES working. Now, when I have a file selected on my image server, it lists the file name in the pull down menu, then under "Select Image to Apply:" I see a single radio button with "9630" next to it. I couldn't determine what this was referring to from the code. Any ideas? I have attached a snap. Also, any progress on v91?
  2. I installed version 71 and the GUI seems to mostly function, but I am having trouble getting the window and image to fit the screen. It looks like several changes would be needed to get this to work -- at least altering the css and changing the background image size. On another note, I found this HTA designed for Ghost project first and really liked that it loads a text file with the image details when you select an image radio button. Is this something that I can do with this HTA? Thanks.