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  1. Well first off thanks. Never would have thought of using an old driver version for this... I have to admit tho that I'm not using windows 7 x64 I'm on x86 and using the remote wonder plus (not sure if the driver selection makes a difference here but it probably does.... too tired to actually check(just slap me if it does make a difference and if possible let me know name to search)) Anyway as it is the best I've been able to do was get the pointer to move but my "mouse buttons" and mostly all other buttons aren't mapped properly. I was wondering if anyone else got this problem and figured it out yet... oh yeah using the 7100 build x86 kinda wishing I didn't give my old remote wonder to my brother when I sold him my old video card Well... I'm going to take a break from this senseless installing and start over again later... thanks for any help