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  1. Hi there Graduis2, first id want to thank you for the awesome guide on "The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs, How-to fix 0 LBA and BSY errors" i think guys like you really makes a difference in the world in terms on sharing knowledge instead of taking advantages of the unfortunate people who encounter problems. I'd like to ask for your advice regarding my attempts to follow your guide. I'm from the philippines and i found it difficult to find the rs232 to ttl converter that was required. so what i did was find some schematics online for a ttl converter and tried to make one. i ended up making use of a schematic that doesnt require an IC but only uses transistors. so i tried using that for te BSY error guide. when i hooked everything up, my hyperterminal showed me a lots of characters ((*#&@^*@&^$&) even smileys.... im afraid now, regarding the fate of my drive. hope you can help me out. thanks a lot...