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  1. Hey guys - let me share my experiences and highlight my problems (and solutions). Big shout out to the contributors who helped too. I used a USB to RS232 Module Based TTL PC FTDI FT232BM/BL chip. So I couldn't seem to get the module to detect in windows. Turns out you need power. I used a USB cable I hacked off and just wrapped the wire around the pin marked VCC. It has to be 5V minimum for this module. 3V didn't work with sata. I repeat.... 3V sata DOES NOT WORK. I followed the guide on the front page to fix the BSY error. First, I could not get it to spin up when I removed the paper (the one blocking the pins touching). It would take ~30s and error. You need to screw the PCB back onto the HDD... just letting it rest is not enough.... it NEEDS TO BE VERY TIGHT. DO NOT THINK you can forget about screwing it on. This was my biggest mistake, and took me a long time to figure it out. I hope this helps a few people
  2. Hi guys. If anyone has the cabling (RS232 converter etc) and is willing to sell me a completed kit, please email me at I live in Australia, and will pay for postage. Would appreciate this greatly, because I have a great deal of sensitive data (childhood photos etc). Dom