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  1. Windows 8 Music App : that's a joke, right ?

    Going back to 7 tomorrow... And on raid SSDs, so the reinstall will not have been for nothing at least
  2. Windows 8 Music App : that's a joke, right ?

    Only 5% ? At least I can say that I will be part of those 5%. I will probably get a tablet with Windows 8 though.
  3. Sooo, I just installed Windows 8 Release Preview, am having a bit of a hard time adapting and all, but the worst is that absolute piece of garbage that the Music app is. First off, your own music is off screen when you open the app, with the highlight is on the music store ?! For an OS that is said to be easy to use, intuitive and accessible, that's completely off the target. Then when you browse your own music, I can almost hear Microsoft saying : "we don't want you to find the music you're looking for". Displaying an artist displays ALL of his tracks in a big mess, you can't see the list of the artist albums (not right away anyway)... Then for the worst part of this app. I play my music, then want to go back to discovering the rest of the OS, and then... When the music app is not on the foreground, the sound is lowered at 10% !! It's un-f***ing-believable how badly designed and thought this application is, it actually lacks any obvious feature anyone would want to manage and listen to his music. It's like it was coded by a bunch of monkeys on dope... I seriously hope the final version of the app is better than that.
  4. I have a 5.1 hooked to my media center, and would like to direct my media center app to the 2 front speakers, and iTunes to the 2 rear speakers. Is it possible to do that ?
  5. Network copy problems yet again...

    No, both are Windows 7 (I should have mentionned that) and it was working fine before I changed my computer.
  6. I just got my new PC, and something odd is happening : I can copy from my server (on the same local network. Both in 1000T ethernet) to my computer, but whenever I try to copy from my computer to my server, it's impossible. It displays "calculating" for a few minutes then copies at 15kB/s... It worked fine with my previous computer.
  7. very low copying speed on network : help ?

    well, it's screwed again :/ I don't know what to do
  8. very low copying speed on network : help ?

    I did, and I'm wondering if it's not coming from there. The copy rate was fine before I installed the chipset drivers. As for the specs : ASUS AT3N7A-I, Intel Atom dual core 1.6ghz, nvidia chipset, 4GB memory (for some reason only 3 are usable...). They're both in gigabit lan, connected to a simple D-Link 5x switch. The network itself is not the problem since it always worked fine before. Currently, I'm copying 500GB of data at 17.93MB/s, the rate is stable and didn's change for the last hour :/ EDIT : I changed the option to use only 40 bits crypting instead of 128. It seems to have sorted the problem
  9. I just put a Raid 0 configuration on my home server, and installed a fresh new 7. I start copying my backuped files to the server, it goes at ~60MB/s, which is already a bit disapointing because it's not better than the speeds I had when I only had one HDD on the server. Then a few minutes later I copy another directory, and it won't go past 30MB/s. I tried with a lot of files, big iso files, it's still stuck at 30MB/s More info on my configurations : Server : RAID 0 2x WD Caviar Black 1TB (one has 32MB cache, the other has 64... Could it be related ?) PC from where I copied the files : RAID 0 3x WD Caviar Blue 640GB So, in theory, the speed between both PCs should be around 100MB/s. I was already at 80-90MB/s on large files when the server only had one caviar black. And I checked, the speeds are normal when I copy something locally on the server... Any ideas ?
  10. Slow response when browsing network files...

    Hm, maybe. If I close the bottom panel with all the file infos, do you think it will help ? Windows won't try to parse the metadata ?
  11. Slow response when browsing network files...

    I can give you a wireshark trace of when I unzip a file that is on the remote computer (unziping to the remote computer, not to the local computer) with a filter on SMB2 protocol. Would that be enough ? EDIT : http://benji.ng.free.fr/bad.zip I unzipped in an empty directory, no problem, and then in a directory with a lot of files (that's the trace) and it got stuck like a dozen times (you can see by looking at the time column where it got stuck). Almost every time there's the "Error : Unknown (0xc2ca00c0)" line right before the unzipping freezes EDIT bis : Precision : I have a shared folder mounted as a drive. All the problems happen when I browse this drive. I just tried to do a lot of stuff by accessing directly the folder on the network instead of the network drive (unzipping, playing an MP3, openning a heavy PDF, launching an exe...) and it seemed to work like a charm... So why would it be like that whit the folder mounted ?
  12. Slow response when browsing network files...

    Yes they're in a homegroup. The server is an Atom 330 with 2GB of RAM by the way. It happens mostly with stuff that I just created on the other computer from this computer (like, with a freshly downloaded file that I want to open) I could use Wireshark to trace what's happening
  13. Both my PCs have Windows 7, and are plugged in Gigabit Ethernet. Still, almost everytime I want to access a remote folder, or unzip something, 9/10 times I have to wait 30s for the other computer to respond, like it was locked or something... Is there any way to make this better ? It's f**king annoying
  14. it's fine. I eventually managed to get the boot repair screen and after that it worked like before.
  15. So last night, I was listening to music on my media center PC, and Windows just rebooted by itself (I'm not sure why, since I think I deactivated the automatic updates). Now the logon screen won't show up, and since I deactivated the GUI Boot, I have no idea what's going on. Pressing F8 doesn't show the boot menu screen. I don't really know what to do.