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  1. So i didn't actually buy the drive myself but it came with my prebuilt. Ans i have updated it and removed the bluebird. But for some reason the drive will play DVD's fine, but when it comes to audio cd's it will play the first between 50 - 60 seconds of a song then it will skip through the rest of them like its almost spinning to fast? at least thats what i get out of it anyway. This picture is what it looks like when i import a cd... i get an "unavailable" time. When i tried it in Windows media player it said "my disc may be dirty." hmmm new cd's, and they are all dirty? thats real helpful, thanks microsoft. Oh and a quick note, this is after I had already RMA'd the first one because thats what LG told me to do, so they sent me this new one that is doing the exact same thing. HELP!!!!