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  1. take me off email list i have tried and no luck
  2. a small program (free) called add remove pro will help .
  3. how do i get rid of the emails? sent by the forums.
  4. thanks guys got it to install win xp pro BUT it installed as fat 32 and my large hdd is ntfs.i know i can't change the ntfs .how would i format the main system drive to ntfs ?
  5. bought a two year old 700x gateway with no hdd's ,no floppy ,no disk drives.(cd-roms) i have a xp pro sp2 disk ,i'm using runs thru till it ask to agree on the licence .then i push f8 ,stops and forces me to reboot. have tried 4 different hdd's.all stop at same place on xp pro install. thanks for ALL replies