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  1. Both drivers are old and replaced by better ones.If you will ever do a fresh XP installation, you should slipstream the actual Intel ICH10R SATA AHCI driver (as textmode driver) and the Intel Chipset =INF Drivers (as PnP driver). You will find the download links of both drivers (already prepared for the integration) within my guide. hey, ive just installed xp64 slipstreaming the "Intel ICH10R SATA AHCI driver" found on the first post of this thread and it works, even tho my chipset is the ICH10, without the R. im posting this just in case some other asrock p45ts owner fails to install the ICH10 driver, and wonders what to try next. thx and laters.
  2. those screenshots are not from the os im currently using, but from the one i slipstreamed the files onto, the one im using on my "main" os is atapy.sys, ide mode. i probably did something wrong the first times i used nlite, this time i only added the files and burned.
  3. Please open the "SCSI and RAID Conrtrollers" section too. Which devices do you see there? i see "a3m7t000 ide controller" anyhow, ive managed to make it work. ive slipstreamed two files i downloaded from the mobo manufacturer, "INF driver ver:" (Intel® Chipset Device Software) and "SATA RAID Driver" (iaStor, iaAHCI). seems like slipstreaming only the sata driver wasnt enuff in my case, i also needed the inf driver. well, next time i need a clean install ill be enjoying sata, but for now seems its just ide for me. laters.
  4. the hdds work in ide mode with default windows drivers, yesterday i installed intels sata controllers i downloaded from asrock, but they dont work if i try setting achi in bios. they look pretty in the device manager tho.
  5. hi, thanks for replying. i tried what you suggested, i changed the computer type to automatic and burned again, removed one memory module but i still bsod. i already had slipstreamed the file you posted. i guess im out of luck
  6. hi, ive got an asrock p45ts motherboard, with a ich10 chipset. ive tried installing xp32 pro slipstreaming the achi driver provided by asrock, but i get a bsod, then i tried the driver provided here instead, and i get the same bsod, bad_pool_caller stop: 0xc2 both bsods appear at the final stages of installation right after the second installation reboot, and before the welcome screen. im installing from a pata cd drive; since i have 2x2gb ram modules i tried using only one module, but i get bsod, then i substituted that module for the one i removed, bsod. the bios is set to ahci instead of ide, ive got no "enable/disble acpi" setting, seems to be enabled by default but you can change acpi settings. i dont know what im doing wrong, any ideas? thanks in advance.