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  1. Need Help for good Drivers from HD 3850 to use with Windows 2000 PC System: CPU: Athlon XP 3200+ RAM: 3 GB (3x1GB PC 400 CL2 G.Skill) Board : Epox 8KRA2+ Enermay Liberty Power Supply (over 600 Watt) WD Raptor 740 ( 2X) as Raid 1 on SATA Graphics Card : ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP (Sapphire) OS: Win 2K +SP4 and Rollup for Sp4 Include all Fixes for Win 2K Use this PC System for Gaming an Online Gaming ,but i will not change Windows 2000 to Win XP Need best or latest Driver for Graphics Card with Windows 2000 Latest Driver ,need Omega (latest Version) ,but graphics was not good to play it (any errors and not good details see, Pixel Shader error ,etc. ) Anyone and idea where Driver can use ? With kind regards Weller