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  1. Hi, everybody. I've got the same problem on my Windows 2003 Server RIS with an Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo P9505 with an BC B57xxx LAN OnBoard Chipset. The curious thing about it: I've got this error ONLY on the Esprimo. I've also got FSC Scenic and Dell Dimension/Optiplex with the same BC LAN Chipset, worked perfectly. So I've tried to download the reference drivers from the FSC Homepage, deleted all old version of the drivers inside of the /i386 directory, copied the new one (b57w2k.sys, b57xp32.sys, b57win32.inf) in and restarted the RIS (net stop binlsvc, net start binlsvc)... and it worked! No more Bluescreen, only an small error message during copying the data, that it misses netb57xp.inf, but I think renaming or copying the b57win32.inf should fix that. And the good thing is, the others PCs are still booting from RIS Hope, that I could help. Greetings from Germany PaCMaN666