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  1. Hey guys, Well, I tried those 2 files... no luck ... First i installed the software, then the x10 drivers... restarted. Then i got a few ati errors like you said and windows asked what drivers to use to install.. so I tried to point to the drivers in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\X10\DriverInstall\x64 Wireless Transceivers but those didnt work.... then I tried to install the x10 drivers again.. no luck... any other ideas???? Thanks!!!!!!
  2. Here you are. X64 drivers, and ATI remote wonder version 2.5. I use version 2.5 because when and if Windows explorer.exe crashes, the systray icon will recover; the RW version 1.4 does not. First install the ATI software. Before rebooting, install the x64 driver. Reboot. The ATI driver package will throw a few errors after reboot, but just ignore them. The RW systray icon should now be present and the remote will be working. Thanks!! I'm swamped with work at the moment so I can't try it, so I'll check it out later (i saved all the files now)
  3. HAHA OK, I have tried the Vista 64 drivers, the x10 64bit drivers.... searched google for hours (thats how i found this thread) a few rapidshare files in this thread are dead... so I"m not sure if I need them. and I can't find the remote wonder 1-40-**.exe
  4. Hey, I have been trying to get my Remote Wonder to work under Windows XP x64 all day yesterday!! ... does anyone have any suggestions????