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  1. ***HELP** Question is ......I have a IDE style 500 gig seagate that has the same problems as the version 11. Mine is Barracuda 7200. 10St3500630A Now here is what happened. (History) I had the drive partitioned a while back and I noticed that on one of the partitioned areas when I was viewing it using "windows explorer" that The drive letter avatar which normally showed a pic of a hard drive was absent and just showed something which was messed up. Drive is about a year old, and suddenly quit on me and now I can't get the bios to see it on the PC> I've tried it on a couple computers so I know that it just bricks up on any pc. I want to see if I can fix it or get back my data. Is that anyone that can explain to me if I can use the same method to reset them such as they talked about further above in this post. Can which connections do i connect things to on the IDE drive. Thanking anyone that helps me on this....i am really going to be stuck if I lose the data on this drive. I am a photographer and it has about 400 gigs of raw images. Gary