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  1. I have same problem with tona2005, so the solution is use old drivers why new driver cause bsod bad pool header?
  2. KMPlayerv2.9.4.1435.Final [freeware] : http://imgcdn.pandora.tv/pan_img/KMP/Download/kmp.exe AIMP2 [freeware] : aimp_2.60.499_rc_1.exe: 3107923B30280A732B1BBB7355E6D0B7 plz make add on without yandex.ru ... thanks http://rapidshare.com/files/276081605/aimp_2.60.499_rc_1.zip
  3. if i run IE or OE from program files it's fine, no problem.
  4. Hi ... it's first time i'm using n-lite and have a problem. I have slipstream my xp pro sp3 with Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack v2.7.1 and other add on, also integrate driver sata and remove unneeded component. tweak registry and make unattend setup. after that i test on virtual box. everything fine but on start menu when i clik IE or Outlook Express shortcut on top it show up internet options. IE or Outlook Express can't run. here is my pic : another problem i've integrate vista boot screen, and notepad2 add on but boot screen still classic windows xp and notepad still ordinary notepad. what's wrong? how to solved? i've attached my last session.ini. hope someone can help me. thank you Last_Session.ini
  5. Hi Fernando, i wanna ask I want to make xp pro 32 bit and integrate all driver intel, amd, and also nForce using nlite. i litte confuse with nForce driver. my question is which nForce driver should i added into nlite? because there is so many driver for chipset in your first post. your suggestion is just integrate nForce Legacy driver (32bit nForce LEGACY drivers v6.99 built by Fernando) is it right? is it include all driver and chipset for nForce SATA RAID, SATA IDE and Legacy? or i should add all of them? here it is my preset, intel, amd, and nForce is it right or not? thank you zilan