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  1. this design... if you can call it that was already seen but where... ah yes, iOS ... MS blows, end of story, theres nothing inovating in their recycling
  2. windows 7 (client) has smooth anims so should its server counterpart you either have bad graphic drivers or you didn't enabled all required services for UX
  3. well thats universal rule if you use garbage, you end up in garbage
  4. AFAIK telemetry started with XP and Office 2003 had it even more integrated without user knowing it, as they recieved nice data what was clicked on and what was used
  5. its not just development activation servers are killed too which is another stomp
  6. not if its abandoned by developer AFAIK XP was ditched in 2014 (WEPoS doesn't count, as they release it under diff name and "SKU"/licence)
  7. lulz telemetry was hardcoded in NT since XP
  8. sjeez what a BS video like 8.1 is only one that has Embedded SKU btw you can tweak your NTOS more via tools than using Embedded
  9. its in .msstyle you need resource hacker or simmiliar tool to replace resource image
  10. but OS needs some IE components you can see which ones are protected if you go delete them manually
  11. yeah their love for money and spyware
  12. both as some tabs will run in *32 mode system32 is no longer tied to IE as it used to with vista and xp but OS itself does use IE folders (since OS still uses its elements)
  13. so basically titlebar text is white colored as your window frames these things were usually controled within skin itself (.msstyle) dunno if winblows 10 has any decoys