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  1. i know you can increase it, but by default, ala for normal users who don't know this, just makes OS unusable and yes I've made it to that limit, its abnoxious, same with slow verclsid folder content loading
  2. theres nothing wrong with 7 if there is screw up, its from user side, and its far more stable than XP, especially with XP's verclsid bug and desktopheap low limit
  3. skype will die eventually, as there are free non ad alternatives out there, with even better support for XP its hilarious how MS buys companies for their product, rebrand it a bit, then few years later it dies out... anyone remember photosynth or seadragon ???? - not a PEEP of it, yet it was revolutionary
  4. Pale Moon still supports SSE1 processors but x64 not for XP, just vista and above
  5. made me wonder too before why xp's support was dropping for no reason especially with browsers... makes no sense its not like NT 5 is some special on its own... as long as api compatibility is there anything should run just fine AFAIK only ribbon based UI apps broke on XP but... people are a-holes, even webkit "team" ala google-apple-opera, are dropping support for no justified reason
  6. doubt they can and doubt they do this is not iOS or Android, its browser (edge) is not identifying as mobile, as it runs on desktop too no ? so NT is NT
  7. i doubt this charts since winblows 10 just like 8, is "1 for all" it probably doesn't identify itself as "desktop" and "mobile" thus every moron running winblows 10 on tablet and phone is added to this list of "usage"
  8. maybe if you rename it to billgates.exe it will work
  9. its all tied to shell explorer user32 and whatnot
  10. wim is just archive, you don't need to mount it 7zip is best for manual edit of it, saves you tons of time
  11. Noel but problem is that even other players jumped to this crap I tend to look at android 2.3 that has to me beautiful gloss "3D" interface and anything above is more flat and more ugly Apple, same thing, even on desktop, Snow Leopard seems to be last some normal look iPhone ... think it was nicer before than now even web sites started massively with crap flat design for no reason
  12. afaik what drains battery the most is WiFi and/or 3G/4G crap and brightness of screen and to add salt to the wound, if glossy colorfull icons drain so much then why the f*** are they making 3D games for phones hahaha well apps too... its just hilarious excuse to push metro crap style
  13. another thing that always puzzled me ... why didn't devs made some easier to catalog db way and then simply for a start ship within WIM whole OS indexed later anything would be more easier on the fly to index (maybe) other things or simply some conditions should be met by indexer, for instance to avoid indexing DLL's and simmiliar just EXE's and since METADATA was always their goal since Longhorn, simply to scan known documents/files music, text, movies, images... while other things for us more picky people, let other file types go directly via MFT
  14. why ? its pointless, MFT by itself is sort of DB, and fast search programs should use it instead indexer