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  1. dont get too happy it says business wont get updates but consumers will and even if miracle happens and winblows 10 stops with all you'd get just another "windows" name, as next version
  2. that defeats the purpose of browser
  3. non NT are more-so safe until you put java on it and/or use IE too bad there's no x64 version of them
  4. or find safe list and do it all again
  5. avira gets my vote tho its UI is bit crappy but free version is fully functional (tho with annoying ads, which can be modified to be blocked) as far as program goes, it never let me down
  6. aida64 ?
  7. there are many defected updates 1 year ago when I did custom install for both x86 and x64, had to trace back alot of them, some are well listed and documented on MDL, and such have to be avoided at all cost and this is where research always come in handy BEFORE you slipstream things or do blindly auto update if sfc repair didn't fix it, then you're out of luck
  8. i'm not tracking winblows 10 so much but seems it will get 3rd (turd :D) major upgrade soon ? anyone know will UI change in any aspect, or will uglyness still stay ?
  9. by doing simple google of win7 error 800736CC you will find bunch of bunch of links not that hard eh ?
  10. 0 as in ZERO they can name it whatever they want, its still same piece of s***
  11. yeh, my fingers suck
  12. no wonder they are all free
  13. when talking about android, to me this is very grey area... I always thought, as per wikipedia, and per rooting my device as it looks, that "Android OS" is nothing more than Linux as core and I guess Java as shell ? but if its Linux at core, then how can it be prone to malwares that brick the system ? wouldn't it be just voulnerable to java part and just screw the UI and maybe gadget behaviour ? then comes the "antivirus" part on the online "markets", there are so many of them, even brand ones (avira, avast, sophos, norton, nod32....) and all are free, but, do they even work ? , some of what I have read on net, they don't do much, except scanning for "potential threats", but supposedly they don't detect trojans and such... ?
  14. i'd call reactos more like obsolete project than dead if it was stable during vista days or even win7 days, that would be still ok but now ... its not worth it other than for "geeks" to i guess learn how OS works on code level ?