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  1. wow thats a blow, using x64 system to whine about 1.5 GB memory used...
  2. love how paul turrot whines about win10 but says its "awesome" freaking retard
  3. office 2003 has telemetry init win7 has telemetry agent (natively), kudos to devs actually calling the service "telemetry" dunno if XP had anything but those were more so small things, comparing to winblows 10 what is doing...
  4. 4 is false 5 is easy, use WUD doing manual is always better than just downloading a "pack" that way you can ditch the unwanted KB's and there are plenty of them, since some are defected and corrupt OS
  5. there could be another way yank out .net 2 completely (4 as well if present), as MIL and DWM depend on it, without it OS will revert to "native" look which is the good old classic, even XP engine would be disabled then you'd have all your "functions" within OS, just without forced metro or aero look
  6. don't forget about Servicing folder, its tied to sxs packages and updates
  7. 1. youtube video ------------------- right of the glance, guy is waving his hand like some sort of victory but in loser voice then he often looks DOWN, which just indicates LOSS and/or shame then so funny, there are "xx millions games running on windows 10" - LOL, like they wouldn't run on other NTOS-es ahahahaha 2. classic shell ---------------- i'm now talking about windows shell, it will always be there, it is just problem how can a programmer invoke win32 api to nullify things that M$ blocked, you can easily invoke win32 shell by running memturbo 2 or adobe audicaty 1.5, sometimes even photoshop cs2 regresses back 3. stardock winblinds ------------------------- they unfortunately follow blockage of MS because... well MS is their partner i emailed them few years ago and well digged out few info from them for example, when I asked (back in the day) why can't winblinds forcefully invoke transparency on vista like it did on XP even with blur the answer was, that they rely on DWM and MS's limitations
  8. my hatred goes toward MS and winblows 8/10 with this guy I had debate and I gave him every counter answer to his "xp is best" thing but calling out me like that, you know I forgive you, I forgive you coz I love you and I love this forum and I'm in good mood now, and Love is everywhere, Love wins man
  9. thats why using WUD is best solution you can then rule out win10 malware + few other defective updates
  10. os, custom iso should I integrate vc redists or not
  11. low RAM causes such things or low DesktopHeap number
  12. shizle can't edit.... so should I put in ISO all cpredist 08-10-12-13-15 or not even one because of this you wrote ?
  13. you're funny guy while I gave all arguments to kill his stubborn bs, you call me a troll hell ban me then and be over with it
  14. grrr I hate MS !!!!
  15. wait, winver in "10" really writes above name of "windows 10" ?