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  1. yes, losing compatibility support for previous system (apps for xp) yes, you'll get auto telemetry code embeded in VS '15 projects
  2. the incompatibility will be solved when you do it "run as vista" via properties if it works on your current vista, it will work on 7 drivers should work from vista (even xp if i'm not mistaken) but usually you'll get generic ones, so again if it works on vista, it will work on 7 since you aim for 7 RTM, SP1 installation is a must unsupported ? win 7 will come to same phase very soon ... you ain't gonna miss anything, except garbage updates
  3. its shame after so many years Linux hasn't become "average user OS" if they just did some easy predictions in late 2009, Linux would replace winblows for home OS by now...
  4. atleast 9x was usable
  5. another reason in bag full of s***, why not to use that POS it became as as android is, pushing crap you can't avoid...
  6. uhhh I never could and never will be able to imagine usage of cloud apps same goes for personal storage its just ... "ugh" i'd rather carry portable apps on stick
  7. mmm, i use my "carriying mobile technology" (device) to play MAME games hahahahaha
  8. even 1 is enought no frown, let alone "few"
  9. yes it is you have Enterprise "E" and Borg cube attacking Earth fleet
  10. they can't kill "win32" so soon otherwise alot, alooooot apps will break and without win32 (or 64... whatever you wanna call it now...) what will power up .net, which is their ultimate next platformic garbage for long time... ?
  11. how they count statistic, I wouldn't be suprised MS counts in every install within VM as "new device" there you have your fill-gap for 1 billion
  12. that was from Linux distro build
  13. is there anything that is working properly ?
  14. never understood why people even bother to read Paul's blog, he is such a dumb uninformed person and 90% if his rambling is just speculations he has no direct source within m$, only Jane Fooley (or whatever her name is), and maybe Long Zheng and only when real "diggers" comfirm how NTOS is shizzle, then he makes additional blogs of some his thesis of... whatever his "information" is like between someone farting and taking a dump
  15. as far as i'm asked, win7 is best version ever probably the last too