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  1. Connect the RX and TX cable from the ca42 together. Now if you type a character in Hyperterminal it should be displayed 2 times! But before you must activate under files->properties-> setting-> asci setup -> echo typed characters locally!
  2. Hello everybody. I have a Solution to get this ca-42 kind of cable to work. I have the same! Problem: Cable will not be detected from Windows when connected to the USB port. Solution: Cut off the cell phone connector, and search the RED cable. Connect the RED cable to a +5V connection (e.G. the red cable of a molex or so). I used a 5Volt FAN adapter... Now Windows will detect the CA-42 and it is listet in the device manager under "Modem". I had made the same today and now my Seagate 7200.1 1TB will work fine. Thanks to all here in this forum BTW: Sorry for the bad english :-)