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  1. I have a ST31000333AS that suddenly died on me. I had not backed up the last few months of photographs and emails, so I was in big trouble with my wife for not backing it up. After deadends at Seagate and no luck replacing the board by a working board from another ST31000333AS, I finally found this site. I cannot thank you enough, Gradius2 and everyone else, for all of your hard work. One note, if your disk does not come back right away, do not give up and do NOT turn it off. I waited over 20 minutes for mine to complete, and it looks like all of the data is still there. I have now copied it all over to a second disk. I am planning on wiping all of the data off of this disk and sending it back to Seagate for a replacement. I am less than confident about the disk since it took so long to come back, and since Seagate told me that I should send it in for a warranty replacement, I may as well. Thanks again Slideman