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  1. Thanks Sabin, So just because hyper-terminal connection stop for me too, doesn't mean I pooched it? :-) This is good news I'll try again tonight,
  2. OK, I've made some progress. It was unclear to me before that I needed to connect the gnd wire from the battery to the PCB. That did the trick and I as able to hyperterm to the board. Now I have a new issue. I got to this part: after I connected I typed F3 2>U (enter) noting happened. I appear to have lost the connection, so I powered everything down and started from the beginning. However this time I am not able to connect, just blank screen when I CRTL+Z Any suggestions on my next step? Thanks
  3. I'm having a bit of difficult with this fix. My drive is having the BSY issue. I ordered the;products_id=11 adapter and this USB to DB9 Serial Adapter I am using a 3v mobo bios battery and holder. I connected everything up as per - and tested the loopback. everything worked as planed. However if I connect the PCB board I sometimes get the same results as the loopback. if I press crtl+Z I only get a right facing arrow ( -> ) Other times I get "com port open, check config" is my PCB fried? I cannot image it is. Thanks everyone for your help