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  1. I feel like someone just zapped me with a defibrillator and am stranding off these cobwebs and mummy strands all around me, and yes I have just received confirmation that this is the year 2012 prolly just begun...... wow!! ...Still trying to figure out what my name is doing here, I think my mem needs fibrillation. Now where are those probes? Hallo people!
  2. Yes because Win 7 lite driver folder doesnt have my graphics card drivers so it errors but as soon as I install its drivers it works fine but am now having trouble with the new iso:- + I want an installer for chess titans Win 7 x64, how do I extract it or keep it in Win 7 x64?
  3. make sure that those two folders are both in D:\ and not C:\ make sure there is nothing already accessing s1 or s2 like vlite or your anti-virus (common problem) To confirm what no. your ultimate is copy the original cd content to s1, browse to it using vlite, immediately vlite will prompt you what you want (home premium,professional,basic,ultimate). Then count what no. ultimate is. Mine is 4. "CD\DVD drive device driver is missing" - is cause you didnt take the original setup.exe from the sources folder in your original os to the sources folder in s1 Using vlite alone on Win 7 will never give you any working installer.
  4. Problem solved : Went back to my original ISO and thoroughly went through the procedures skipping winsxs\manifest batch removal and all is well now. Install is 2.53GB.... interesting! XP Pro full install is slightly more than that... Awesome! Update me soonest possible when u get down to 2GB fully functional and 700mb installer
  5. This is with reference to this post [ I have been off touch for a while regarding this removal procedures, now I cant figure out what absent files are causing this: I cant install HD realtek driver it gives a nameless error. + I get this error too for ATi control catalyst and wont load
  6. Today I finally got some time and made an iso with the new guide7R2 and my iso is 1.33gb large. My slimmed Win 7 x64 supports network sharing,file printing,firewall,wireless (hopefully), I didnt check game explorer in vlite but also didnt see it in the installation though. I opted for no when it came to the winsxs\backup removal in the batch file and dont remember seeing it as an option in vlite. Has anyone managed a smaller iso with the above functionality? I was wondering whether this tweak will do or cause errors in Event viewer: [Services] ALG = Disabled CLR_OPTIMIZATION_V2.0.50727_32 = Disabled CLR_OPTIMIZATION_V2.0.50727_64 = Disabled COMSYSAPP = Disabled DNSCACHE = Disabled FONTCACHE = Disabled IKEEXT = Disabled IPBUSENUM = Disabled IPHLPSVC = Manual KTMRM = Disabled LANMANWORKSTATION = Disabled MPSSVC = Disabled MSDTC = Disabled NETLOGON = Disabled SAMSS = Disabled SECLOGON = Disabled SPOOLER = Disabled SYSMAIN = Disabled TRKWKS = Disabled WBIOSRVC = Disabled WINHTTPAUTOPROXYSVC = Disabled WMIAPSRV = Disabled WWANSVC = Disabled
  7. use the new guide and batch files! keep these packages: Microsoft-Windows-Shell-HomeGroup-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7600.16385 Microsoft-Windows-ShareMedia-ControlPanel-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7600.16385??? in vlite keep: Games-Game Explorer Printer Support File and printer sharing (Server) Computer Browser TCP/IP NetBios Helper ...and see how it goes? Sounds like fun! You are another very good reason I wont be reverting ever to the full Win7 unfortunately I wont be able to give a response anytime soon coz am coding micro-controllers from scratch but as soon as we break, I will be so onto this
  8. I have lately been hard pressed for time due to upcomming campus projects and am experiencing some issues with my slimmed Win7x64. My batch files are the sensitive ones from 24th Dec 2009 that seem to mess up easily if anything is editted (ones messed up the bitmap editor just by removing the statement that deletes mspaint.exe). Letting mspaint.exe be deleted allowed bitmap editor to work normally ironically. The issues are:- Unable to configure network sharing services Unable to print or install a printer Unable to share local drives on the network Game errors due to an uncofigurable firewall and something about game explorer Wireless network not present What do I need to do?
  9. You need to use the batches hosted locally, and not the ones from If already done that then you need to search through your removex64 and delete any entries with the statement "imageres.dll" and "imageres.dll.mui" Can anyone alow programs and changes to their firewall? mine seems to be broken My antivirus also gives this error:-
  10. Funny enough I was the one messing with the batch files,they actually works really well without editting. Absolutely no errors even in Eventviewer! Took me a whole day to realize this testing various settings Oh! its Christmas eve! Merry Christmass everybody!!!
  11. Seems then that the removex64 that am using is deleting more than is meant could you then help me with your slimmer kit. Including that dll in the syswow64 folder solves the problem of office 07 being unable to install. Next question, Create a bmp file on your desktop by means of right clicking and right click to edit. What comes up? just did that now, after right-clicking to edit, it opens up in mspaint. you should be using the current batch posted in the 1st post. Since I was using the removex64 from, I have just compared both removex64 batch files from and the one locally hosted as, and I'm almost certain that, that is where the problem came from as there is quite a difference between the two. The locally hosted one doesnt have any instruction to delete dbghelp.dll the has
  12. Seems then that the removex64 that am using is deleting more than is meant could you then help me with your slimmer kit. Including that dll in the syswow64 folder solves the problem of office 07 being unable to install. Next question, Create a bmp file on your desktop by means of right clicking and right click to edit. What comes up? Also try running sfc /SCANNOW, how far does it get?
  13. This question goes out to all who have just freshly installed a slimmed Win Ultimate 7 x64. It will help me eliminate the issue. When you freshly install the slimmed Win Ultimate 7 x64, does your SysWOW64 folder already have dbghelp.dll in it? Please note my question FRESHLY INSTALLED & not after installing any single applications
  14. I just downloaded the Win 7 x64 slimmer kit since mine had older file dates (August) under properties and deleted my old files. I am now experiencing a problem. I am getting the following errors: The one marked ms paint also shows up when I try to install WAIK, so I am forced to install the untouched Win 7 OS then can I only install Waik. Just what happened Dead0, what did you remove? "sfc /SCANNOW" doesnt make it beyond 40% and once again you cant install Ms office 2007 without it claiming that some dlls are missing. I searched both removex64 for ms paint but nothing came up in the searches.
  15. About the Matlab issue I realized there is 2 ways to working around it. Change the path to the java runtimes in Matlab installation or run Matlab in a virtual machine. Matlab 7.1 isnt quite built to run in Win 7. Any new Win7 x64 updates Dead0? I still want to loose more weight