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  1. @jerry1091: Till you start/Spin the motor you need to have the PCB and HDA not connected ! Use a piece of paper or thin plastic to put between PCB and HDA(head pin connections like here) - look in the link above for that card-stock, What I did: before I started I removed all screws and put a rectangular-long piece of paper between PCB and HDA/head contacts, then I mount all screws beside the one exactly near the HDA (do not tight all screws, will need to remove the paper - DO SOME TESTS WITHOUT POWER CONNECTED!) As a note: after removing the paper the hyper-terminal connection stop(I cannot type anything) twice on my side, only 3rd time work, so you need to be smooth and quick. cheers Sabin
  2. Many thanks Gradius2 , my Seagate ST31000333AS is now working again. I get the same output as you with only one difference (see last line), but till now the hdd is working(backup-ing) ok.. If someone knows what that last line means...please let me know. Again lots of thanks for this thread. Later edit: I put SD1B firmware this morning, and I hope no others problems will apear. Thanks again.