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  1. Upgrading firmware should theoretically be a "data safe" procedure. (just imagine, if it was not, the amount of lawsuits against HD manufacturers) BUT even if the risk of a data loss is remote, Murphy's Law ALWAYS applies. Imagine what could happen if any of the following happens WHILE you are upgrading: a mains surge a black-out any number of casual events, including the controller on your board "acting strange" or your cat playing with the cables and what if any of the above happen AFTER you have updated the firmware and you lose all that data? Better be safe than sorry, if you fixed your brick, you already were lucky enough, apart from this specific Seagate problem, having one single copy of anything on a single hard disk is asking for troubles, you should always have AT LEAST two copies of ANYTHING valuable on AT LEAST two different media/devices. jaclaz Yeah, problem is my main board only has 2 SATA slots, and the other HDD isn't that big enough to become the backup of the seagate hdd Dang I guess i need to buy an external HDD, any sugestion of the Brand of External HDD? Thanks
  2. Does anyone here tried to Upgrade Firmware? without backing up the data (cause i dont have another large HDD to make a backup) did it cause any data loss? Thanks
  3. Hello Guys! Thanks for all the help, the brick is working again!! here is our work log (text only tho my friend "estong" who fixed it for me didn't have a camera) Question again, after unbricking, I do need still to upgrade the firmware right? Does anyone here tried to Upgrade Firmware? did it cause any data loss? Thanks again so much
  4. I do have a question, I was following the thread and was wondering what I am doing wrong. I added the wire for the HDD Tx/Rx and connected them into the CA-42 Rx/Tx then connected the CA-42 USB to the pc usb slot Then went to the hyperterminal and can't seem to connect to the HDD Is there something that I missed?