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  1. Hey KlingKlang thank's a lot for your answers¡¡¡ I tell you that i finally fix my HD, but now i have a problem with the partition with the most important stuff jaja, but the principal problem is fixed thank's to this forum¡¡¡ read you later¡¡¡
  2. Hey Kling Klang thank you for your help¡¡ but infrtunely nothing happens with thta. Now i brought a cable Nokia CA-42, and the pc recognize and open the port COM3, but at the hyperterminal don't see anything...i change all the cables between them to probe which is Tx and RX, but nothing happen, i don't see nothing...what can i do? thanks for all..
  3. Hello people somebody help me¡¡¡ i have a serial cable of an old mouse, and i connect it to the PCB and when i wrote at the hyperterminal i see the characters on the screen, even with the GND cable coneected to the GND of the PCB. but when i plug the SATA power tho the PCB, ocurr two things: 1. When i write Ctrl+z, only appear an arrow, not the F3 or 2. If i connect the GND cable to the GND on the PCB, i can't wrote anything in the hyperterminal. I try change the Tx and RX and nothing happens. ¿Would be that i need connect the cable of energy to some font? or what more can i do? I'm desperate¡¡¡