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  1. ---------- For the developers ---------- Here is the file required about WoW.exe dependencies. WoW_3.3.5a_dependencies.rar
  2. Could you please add support for World of Warcraft (after patch 3.3.5a) "The WOW.exe file is linked to the missing export Kernel32.DLL:CreateFiberEx" Is there a way to donate from Bulgaria without having a credit card?
  3. ----------About nasty Flash 10 & Win98------------ To this day I still can not make Flash 10 running on Firefox. Always errors and unsatisfactory results happens. My solution was to play flash 10 videos by using the old flash 9. Previously I posted here a link for downloading an edited flash 9 plugin for Firefox. But there was a problem - the playing of videos which require flash 10 begin to play after some pause of 10-15 seconds. So for 10-15s the CPU Usage is 100% and even the mouse is not moving smoothly. I know that Adobe's products are going better when one removes something from them. The previous time I just substitute the "version info" section of flash 9 with this of flash 10. Now I just removed the "JAVACLASS" section. It really got better. The pause of 10-15 seconds disappeared. Here is the link for those who want to try it.
  4. The problems is that Firefox (2 or 3 it doesn't matter, as I can see) crushes almost anytime just at the moment of showing flash. In some rear cases firefox shows warning message that not everything about the flash is ok, but I can surf; next time when I open a page - guess what - crushes again. I have tried different things and tricks all day but no satisfactory result at all. Then merciful God give me an idea how to manage with this nasty flash player. Ad/Banners - I block them using firewall. Video clips are OK. I tried Flash and Firefox 2&3 & Netscape & Opera9&10. -----Close/Details messages------- ====Firefox2-compatibility XPSP2-Kernelex enabled==== FIREFOX caused an invalid page fault in module NPSWF32.DLL at 019f:10141d35. Registers: EAX=00000004 CS=019f EIP=10141d35 EFLGS=00210246 EBX=00000000 SS=01a7 ESP=00daec34 EBP=0000001f ECX=dd0833d0 DS=01a7 ESI=036d42e0 FS=0eb7 EDX=00010000 ES=01a7 EDI=036c2000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: ff 75 78 8b ce ff 75 7c 57 e8 33 02 fe ff 8b f0 Stack dump: 00000004 00000001 036c2000 00000600 8bde8446 00000020 00000002 02e1618c 841775b4 0000000f 00000005 006550a6 00daec88 60371800 02d89b98 60371810 ====Firefox2-compatibility-none-Kernelex enabled====== (the same as above) ====Firefox2-Kernelex disabled====== no crush, but flash in the page is missing
  5. Hi guys, many thanks to the creator(s) of this product - KernelEx. Now i want to present a solution for the problem with Flash Player 10 plugin for Firefox 2 or 3 on Win98SE. Because i tried everything suggested in the KernelEx forum and many other things but I couldn't make it run. I thank to God for giving me the idea to modify the file "NPSWF32.dll" from the Flash Player plugin. Yes, it is very elegant idea, to use a lie to make this plugin running. Actually I am watching flash10 video with my flash9 plugin. But how... Well I use the flash9 plugin, but with replaced version information from flash10 ( or so). I don't even know who am I cheating by doing that - the the browser, the OS, or may be the server. The Solution: First of all do not install any flash player plugin; if you have already installed it then uninstall it. Download this and decompress it in your \Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins folder. By the way as I see, Xeno86 is about 23 years old, and He is already a system programmer....... bravo!!!