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  1. ej bro thnx for this .. but you vcan make 1 Video tutorial pls BRO ok THNX
  2. ej bro can you make this theme for Windows XP ???
  3. hey bro close this topic beacause i now i know to mace multiple .cab files selamu alejkum
  4. how to make multiple .cab files { in one .cab file to add more programs}
  5. first i want to remove files of WMP9 of cd to XP an than to integrate WMP11
  6. yes broo ! but ! that not take EFECKT !!
  7. PLS HELP Somebady
  8. when i inetgrate WMP11 it create "SVCPACK" folder ! but beter is to finds files of wmp9 to delete them and after to inegrate wmp11 but i don't no wich file are they !! PLS HELP !!!
  9. no man that its not true i try but not work ! SOmbeboy help !!
  10. thnx bro for reply. but a want first to remove files of WMP9 {Windows Media Player 9}In to CD of Windows XP and than to integrate WMP11 {Windows Media Player 11} but a don't no Wich files{or Hotflix} are THEY
  11. yes i now that !! but Which Files are THEY !!PLS !! if you now tell me ok BYe and thnx for REPLY ok
  12. who can tell me where are Files in to CD of XP i mean files of Windows media player i mean all files beacause i want to integrate windows media player 11 but not with .cab file a want original Method please help somebody byse SELAMU ALEJKUM
  13. you need the program PeExplorer
  14. man i need program to edit Windows file {EX_ ,} but i want to edit DIRECT ! you can find that PROGRAM ?
  15. hay

    i'm FANI from macedonia i'm glad to work with you caoo