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  1. guys, now i just used a nokia ca-42 cable like in post number 1950 link so many thanks to user "gnakh" and his very good guide! i used exactly the same nokia cable but i didnt use batteries! i just powered the usb cable with a 4 pin fan connector! it was the second try with the nokia cable and after getting strange outputs in hyper terminal i could successful recovered my data! :thumbup thank u all, it is unbelievable and so improtant to get all files back! crazy :hello:
  2. hi guys, i bought that converter; it has 5V as u can see. but now i got it and i can see a mark: "3V" on the ttl-converter. i successfully made the looptest but is it generally possible to use 3V adapter? i think not, can someone give me the answer? bye
  3. first, i covered the contacts at the sata end! (like in your video). that is what u mean, isnt it? ------------ i had no success! loopbacktest was ok and i can type in hyperterminal: "ctrl+z" --> ok "/2" --> still working "Z" --> no reply ----------- now i covered the other contacs like guide ( recommend. and i have the same probs... --------- i just want to know what i can try now..... -------- like in the guide a have not connected anything to HDD-GROUND.... -------- RX (ttl) --> TX (HDD) TX (ttl) --> RX (HDD) GND (ttl) --> 4-pin fan connector like in the guide VCC (ttl) --> 4-pin fan connector like in the guide --------
  4. hi KlingKlang yes of course, here we go i use the loopback test i can see in the hyperterminal the letters i typed... now i tried the spin off but how i said no success at all... i am a little bit confused now. the guide i linked above says to try both contacts if the first doesnt work. so i started with the one in the lower left success, now i tried the one in the middle (3 contacs).....again no success....
  5. hi again, i had some success but unfortunatly i have some issues with hyperterminal. i cant spin down the motor, i tried both contacts on the hdd-board but i get no answer after writing "/Z" in the console... i think this will only take a sec. can someone help me and give me a hint. i followed that guide: thank u guys!
  6. hey guys, i bought an orginal nokia-ca-42 cable. but it doesnt work, cause it was that one which is just an usb cable so now i dont wanna buy a wrong wire again. is here someone who wants to sell his equipment? if u are interested please contact me. at the best u live in germany, so just mail me! cheers
  7. 34:5QM1****:ST3500320AS:9BX154-568:SD81:08392:2008-07-30:WUXISG:2008-07-01:2009-09-01:N/A:theflex_germany:no detecting in bios:
  8. guys, i have the same probs with my seagate. i think the bsy-thing. is here someone who can give me some information where i can get this tll232-converter in germany? maybe i can find someone who want to sell his equipment, plz message me
  9. can u only recommened nokia mobile phone cables? what about sony ericsson cables? maybe someone in germany is interested in selling his equipment. please contact me!