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  1. Many thanks jaclaz for your prompt & clear reply concerning upgrading my SD35 firmware after recovery (your post 1971, p.99) Seagate was not able to "help me" or should I say that they were reluctant to help .... Thanks to all of you once again JP
  2. Many thanks to all of you ! I've recovered my ST31000333AS with all data from the BSY state with your help (I used a nokia ca42 cable). I've been patient and it worked What should I do now to upgrade my firmware (I have at the moment SD35) and obviously I have the same question as Aquafire in post 1953 page 98 ? Nothing on the Seagate website ... Do I really need to upgrade with this so difficult to find sd3b firmware ? if yes, where can I find it please ? Many thanks again JP
  3. Many thanks KlingKlang for your prompt support; obviously I’ve already checked several times your post 1834 @ page 92. The pin out does not seem to correspond, I have nothing connected at pin #2 and something connected at pin #4 …. Anyway, I messed too much with both ends of the cable and now it’s totally ruined… I’ve just ordered another one (5 € through Amazon). Therefore I guess I will have to do it again from scratch since all cables seem different (colors of wire …) I’ll be probably back again here soon Thanks again JP
  4. Hi All ! After having read this entire subject, I still have a problem before proceeding with this fix .. I have everything ready (I hope) : the bricked Seagate, the T6 screw driver, one laptop with XP & HyperTerminal, another PC with power supply for the HDD; the business card, the CA-42 cable recognized by Windows (XP, 7 and vista) as USB/Serial adapter then “Prolific” driver was installed (was recognized as port COMX) and an audio card cable to link 3 wires of the CA42 to the HDD. My problem is the CA42 wiring … I know this was covered many times, but I have nothing like described in what I've read here (I’ve tried the “touching wires” sequence with HyperTerminal) but I still can’t figure out. I do not have 3 or 5 wires but 4 (red, green, black and white + shield around them) ! I then decided to open the USB end and see the labels on the IC for each wire… unfortunately there is no label (TX, RX etc …) My first question: according to the picture can someone tell me which wire is which? On the top picture, from top to bottom: red, green, black and white (unsoldered when I tried to open up the white plastic molding around the IC) and on the lower picture the shielding was soldered on this side but once again I messed up when removing the white plastic molding around the IC Second question (at this stage …) : although the white wire and the shield are disconnected, the cable is still recognized as the USB/serial by any version of Windows, does it mean that the 3 remaining connected wires are the right ones ? Do I need to re-solder the 2 connections (white + shield) ? Excuse me for my ignorance .... Many thanks in advance JP
  5. Hi all I think I have a case of "bsy" state with my st31000333as. Although Seagate told me it was not the case according to the S/N, I doubt it, specialy after having read the very detailled threads about this issue. And I have the same symptoms as a member here who could save his drive by using the described fix in this forum. I therefore downloaded the latest victoria (4.46 for win) and tried to verify according to these instructions. I'm using windows 7 and victoria seems to work OK with administrator rights. But it does not see the affected drive .... It sees the non-affected system drive though (2 lines in victoria for this drive) .... Can some one give me a hint please (FYI I've used version 4.3 also for victoria with same effects) Thanks in advance JP