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  1. Thank jaclaz for fast reply I was tried as follow methods in several times but I can't get it done. 1) To install dummydisk driver which included in WinSetupFromUSB package. 2) To partition my UDF as partition#1,#2 and #3 note: partition#1 -> primary, active. partition#2 -> primary. partition#3 -> primary. 3) To run WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3.exe and get partition#1 - WinXP installation source. partition#2 - Win7 x86 installation source. partition#3 - Win7 x64 installation source. its done without any problems. 4) To try installation WinXP -> Success. 5) To try installation Win7 x86 -> Win7 x86 setup lunched but it can't found source folder. I was tried to continue installation with browe button but i can't see source folder also partition#2 is missing. 6) To try installation Win7 x64 -> it same as Win7 x86 setup process above. Sorry for my English.
  2. it's possible to prepare xp / win7 x86 / win7 x64 in one UFD?