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  1. To Valkyrio, Thanks for your mini-guide. I un-bricked my drive last night using that FTDI cable and it worked great. Not bad for 20$. Also thanks to Klingklang,Gradius,aviko, and CarterinCanada for the hard work. Quick question for those who have Un-bricked your drive. Did anyone lose any data after flashing the new firmware update SD1A?? Thanks, Mcq360
  2. valkyrio Thanks for listing that. I got the cable ordered. Wish me luck. Thanks again, Mcq360
  3. That would be great since most of these guides deal with the RS232-to-TTL Serial Adapter. Thanks
  4. valkyrio, Glad to see it worked. I would much rather use this way. I have a question for you on this cable: In that post above you said that "and should be fine for power - the USB supplies 3.3/5V." Were you talking about power for the cable itself from the computer USB port or is that power for something else? As far I can tell by your methods all you need is TX,RX,GRD wire from this cable and then Sata power cord to power hard drive. Is this correct? Thanks, Mcq360