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  1. OK Fernando here are my specs: Vostro 1510 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 @1.86 Ghz Ram: 2x2 Gb kit @ 667 Mhz Video Card: Nvidia 8400GM/256 mb Audio:Realtek ALC268 South Bridge: Intel 82801HBM ICH8M And thanks again in advance. spnmn
  2. [Please give me some details about the Southbridge (not the system management chipset) of your laptop and the drivers you have integrated.] I dont know how to get the details since i cant access device manager and i cant find anymore info in the documentation that i have DL'd from the dell web site. And the only two options in the bios are ATA or AHCI. Thanks again. spnmn
  3. Hey Fernando awsome guide but i am having problems with my vospro 1510 the chipset is Intel GM965 express. I can get the files copied for xp home but after the restart i get a bsod that says no operating system found. Also i cant seem to find the .inf file in your list in your guide. There is a G965.inf and a M965.inf but no GM965. and nlite only lets me choose one or the other. Also i dont understand the ICH8, ICH9 stuff. I cant find anything in my documentation anywhere. Please help. Thank you. spnmn P.S. Im trying to install XP Home 32 bit on a laptop that had a factory installed Vista 64 bit. But the HD has been formatted. Does this create a conflict? Do i need the chipset drivers for vista 64 bit or for xp 32 bit? Thanks again. spnmn