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  1. When I try to do a RIS Windows XP install the client says file (untypeable) is corrupt or missing, status 21 I've tried this with about 10 different clients with a variety of network adapters. I've tried two different CD (factory pressed) for the install files, a Volume and OEM disk. From the log, these are the files being served: ntldr BOOTFONT.BIN j8�^Bj9�^Bj:�^Bj;�^Bj<�^Bj=�^Bj>�^Bj?�q� I looked at the IP packets and I see that the client actually does a tftp read request for the above bizarre file name, then the server responds cannot find file (obviously) It is consistently the same error, so it is not some random corruption. It's running a Intel Gigabit NIC (82572EI) Also using a 8 port Gigabit Netgear unmanaged switch. Any ideas?