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  1. Hi. I have been thinking about testing Windows XP x64 for a while, and since i have VIP access to the FTP server, i have been able to get my Technet copy of XP x64. I was thinking about slipstreaming SP2 onto the x64 disk using nlite, but it says it could only be slipstream on 64 bit guest. i have Windows 7 x64, but i dont wanna dual boot it so is there anyway to slipstream sp2
  2. doesnt memoy dumping give you a BSOD
  3. if you still have a .wim file that is the factory image, boot to ur vista DVD Then repair your computer than select a parition and select Restore your computer from a backup image
  4. there is a much better way: Reverse intergration
  5. keep presssing next when u install both of them, when both are finished go to C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86, find the wimgapi.dll and copy it to C:\Program Files\vLite
  6. reverse integration is the best way and its actually supported by Microsoft GUIDE:
  7. if your disk has SP2 i heard that you cant remove componets
  8. i do testing with alot of versions... i do ALOT of software testing
  9. oh cmon you guys why do you people never answer my posts?
  10. I have a vista 6000.16386 all editions in a singole image. I am intergratring the same updates for all versions one by one including sp1 with vlite. If i finish the first one do i click apply then rebuild one and start the next edition or do i do somthing else? P.s what is rebuilding image P.s.s there is another program called vista update intergrator and after doing the intergration stuff it lets you rebuild all images... what does that do?
  11. hey, i dont have enough time to read 100 replies so sorry if it has been answered. I want to ask if i press Vista Ultimate for image to configure for my AIO disk and press intergration, add Sp1 and i press apply after vlite finishes slipstreaming sp1 and click Rebuild All will it give me all editions SP1 or just Ultimate
  12. I have a MSDN iso image that has all editions of vista on one iso image. i installed vlite, it copied the files and then i told me to click on what image i wanted to configure, the thing is i want sp1 on ALL editions of vista and not just one. any help here? oh yeah even though i heard that slipstreaming SP2 isnt supported in vlite, is threre a different way? Using WAIK again only lets me slipstream it to one image istead of all