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  1. It worked great for the drivers, but i cant get the updates to integrate, keep getting errors afterwards (have used the manual by Firegeier) so im slipping the updates and SP1 through vLite and that seems to work for now.
  2. OK, i will try that, wasnt really fond of WAIK, but ill give it a try. I'll post my findings afterward offcourse.
  3. Kinda new here, but i googled and searched here and i couldnt find it at all. I have slipstreamed the driverpacks in my win vista Home Premium x86 for easy installation. I've slipstreamed them with vLite and that went ok, only i keep getting popups of driver installations during my setup. Is there ANY way to disable that? I also tried Vista-tools 1.0 and 2.0 b3 and funny thing happened there, it slipstreamed everything alright, it started writing the iso, when he is done, my iso file is gone.....tried on 2 different machines and al my rights where ok therefor i went back to vLite. I hope something comes out. Grtz martin