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  1. @Fernando_1 Thanks for your reply and your modded driver! I'll skip the Intel MSMC then, no problem.. I have set the controller to AHCI in my BIOS and have the SATA AHCI controller listed, so that's good! Good luck to everybody getting AHCI running on their southbridges
  2. Thanks for the information in this topic! I got my ICH8 working in AHCI mode & installed the Fernando driver which works! The Matrix Storage Manager however still won't install and I can't edit the install package.. Does anyone have a 'hacked' version of the storage manager? I'm not tryring to create a RAID array on my non-R controller, I want to increase the speed of my SSD with write back cache etc.! Edit: BTW is there any way of checking if AHCI (NCQ etc.) works?