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  1. It's not working... still stop @ fm20enu.dll from CD, but work #1 from HDD...
  2. I have the same problem, it stop at "FM20ENU.dll" from the CD, but if I copy it to my hard-drive it work fine... French version here, so it seem to affect pretty much everyone!
  3. Not true I ran a Pentium 630 (Socket 775, 3.0Ghz) for a while on a Asus P5P800 (same as P4P800; AGP, DDR1, but with socket 775) and Windows XP x64 worked fine on it Edit: Forgot to say; both these boards works with the Intel 865PE chipset!
  4. I did a HEX compare of both 2.47 and 2.52, and they are exactly the same file, the only difference being that someone changed the version number and build date. Difference 1 Difference 2