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  1. It was my false checked it when I had read the post again. If someone have the same cable from Bluestar (Bluestar.pl) The setup is: black GND, white RX, blue TX. At the first time I made a misstake and connected TX with TX and RX with RX (because I thought white is TX an blue RX). But it was ok. It destroyed nothing (only Hyperterminal wasn't able to communicate with the HDD). I fixed it with a ca-42 Cable annd a sheet of paper So many thanks to Gradius 2, my77stang (overclock.net forum), the youtube guy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FztWJVxbM&feature=PlayList&p=B2DFC95751AC2830) and the other helpers :-)
  2. @nino and which cable setting did you use?
  3. @nino do you mean the "tube" around the blue cable? like at the pic @klingklang is this the correct setting for my cable? I have numbers at the "cable board" 1 2 3 4. So can I be shure they are equal to the numbers at the picture?
  4. @KlingKlang Thx for the fast answer. How can I match the pin to color? Or do you mean that I have to test which pin is on which connector? THX PDogg
  5. Hi @ all, I'm very happy to find a forum like this. I tried a lot of things to reactivate my Seagate 7200.11 (ST3500320AS). And I think it is effected of BSY state to. I ordered a CA-42 Cable but now I stuck. I don't know which of these cables is the right one (TX RX GND) I added 2 pictures of the cable. I would be happy if someone could answer me. With best regards PDogg PS is it like in post 1945 on page 98?