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  1. It was my false checked it when I had read the post again. If someone have the same cable from Bluestar ( The setup is: black GND, white RX, blue TX. At the first time I made a misstake and connected TX with TX and RX with RX (because I thought white is TX an blue RX). But it was ok. It destroyed nothing (only Hyperterminal wasn't able to communicate with the HDD). I fixed it with a ca-42 Cable annd a sheet of paper So many thanks to Gradius 2, my77stang ( forum), the youtube guy ( and the other helpers :-)
  2. Thanks for answer Valkyrio, I restored it. read above
  3. Okey i have done everypart in the guide succsesful but when it comes to: "Power OFF/ON the drive (very important!) Wait 10 seconds and now Power ON your drive. Press CTRL+Z on terminal and type:" The terminal wont let me type after i pressed CTRL-Z. What can be wrong? I am still connected. *edit* Okey this is unbelievable. I successfully restored my harddrive!! Something made my cable disconnect and loose all my drivers to the cable when i disconnected the power from the harddrive in "Wait 10 seconds and now Power ON your drive". I reinstalled the drivers from this page: and went to hyper terminal again. I tried to connect and it connected but i couldn't type anything. After a little research i tried to change the com port on hyper terminal to the same as the one that was given by Windows. I tried CTRL+Z again and it worked! I just resumed with the "m0,2,2,,,,,22"- command and pressed enter. Then i got the successful format message and replugged the harddrive to the computer and rebooted. And it worked. I am so happy i didn't think i would made this but i did it, and i am so glad. I want to thank everyone on this forum that are charing all you thoughts and infos. And i want to thank Nitrohelix that made this video that made everything so simple: Thank you
  4. Pdogg i think i have the exact same cable. Do you have a plastic cover under the blue rubber?