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  1. If you are using Windows 7 than try to switch to vista or xp. When i was trying to install the drivers on my windows 7 it couldn't find no matter from where i download. I switched to my laptop which has vista 32bit and same drivers which were not installing on my windows 7 PC they actually worked on my vista laptop.
  2. Thanks Gradius!!!!!!!!! I don't have words to thank you.......Finally Recovered the drive. Just few days ago my seagate 500GB went dead. i was so curious about it that i went to almost every shop to recover it but none of them helped me. came back home with no hope...but when i saw this and actually perform this guide myself, my drive came to life in no time. When it first booted i was so happy that i can't describe because this is the main drive which had all my important files.. I almost read this guide for 3 days and after that i performed it with patience and result was awesome. Guys i want to ask..i have updated the firmware with the latest is it safe to use it or i switch to other drive. Though i made the backup of the important files already.