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  1. Assuming he is not mistyping his error, there might be a command line fix using NET USER (if you can get some alternative local admin rights). NET USER username /EXPIRES:NEVER Run NET HELP USER for greater details. :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup Thanks at lot Mr. MrJinje that’s exactly what I was looking for, perfect. Thanks again.
  2. Local Account has expired Hi everyone, I have a estrange issue, the last month of September I deploy 70 machines with Windows Vista with a enterprise license, I used in that moment a local administrative user to make the deploy, but in last days some users comes to me for any problem and when I try to log me in with my administrative user Windows refuse the logon with the legend saying “the Account has expired” But if is a local account how is that possible? Where I can verify the expiration date for the local accounts? Somebody knows? Thanks at lot in advance.
  3. Hi Friend, Could you post your code again please or can you sendme by email. Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, good day, i have another question, i hope all off you culd help me, everithing is ok but i can´t see the description of the wim, i can chose a Wim but the hta dont display the list of the append image inside the wim. i got all packages of wimpe installed. Some suggest
  5. hoooo. fool of me, jejejejeje thanks
  6. Hi friends, may be i come a little late to this post but i still have the same problem with the error Object Required:'ObjWIM" for version 7.1 in line 222 i try to register the wimgapi.dll over my winpe but after the command regsvr32.exe wimgapi.dll i recive the following error : "The Module e:\wimgapi.dll was loaded but the entry-post DllRegisterServer was no found." "Make sure that wimgapi.dll is a valid dll or ocx file and try again" What is my mistake? thanks Guys King Regards