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  1. thank for reply I'll do a complete backup using hdd cloning software by seagate acronis,as these other bootable cloning apps,are way too advanced for me :]
  2. seeking help with usb support in w98fe I' would like to install the universal serial bus driver file named: nusb320-Eng-98FE.exe on my win98fe pc for universal usb support. I' did a complete update to the o.s. system using the official m.s. updates,if I've already did the official updates,do I' still need to install the unofficial update file: FESP230EN-R.EXE ? MSINFO32 info: [software Updates] Updates = Year 2000 Update for Windows 98 Windows 98 Service Pack 1 = 4,10,0,2000 [Virtual Private Networking Update for Microsoft Windows 98 and Dialup Networking 1.3] [W98] [Windows 98 KB891711 Update] [Windows 98 KB896358 Update] [Windows 98 KB908519 Update] [Windows 98 KB918547 Update] [Windows 98 Q245729 Update] [Windows 98 Q256015 Update] [Windows 98 Q259728 Update] [Windows 98 Q273727 Update] [Windows 98 Q273991 Update] [Windows 98 Q274548 Update] [Windows 98 Q314147 Update] [Windows 98 Q323172 Update] [Windows 98 Q323255 Update] [Windows 98 Q329115 Update] [Windows 98 Q811630 Update] [Windows 98 Q823559 Update] [Windows 98 Q888113 Update] [W98.SP1] [Windows 98 Q168115 Update] [Windows 98 Q238453 Update] O.S. WIN98FE 1998 410 1998A disaster recovery? how do I' backup restore these files in case something goes wrong ? ---------