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  1. +1 for another success story!!! thankyou to Gradius and all involved in this thread!!! I used a CA-42 Cable bought online for £12.50 When it arrived it was different from what most people seemed to have recieved in this thread, however after reading through the entire thread i found this guy who recieved the same one as me and posted detailed pics of how he set his up. ( thanks gnakh ) Ultimately i followed CarterinCanada method at , its very informative of what exactly you are doing and found it very easy to follow. One thing i will say is the first time i try to spin the drive up I got this error message. I solved this my issolating the MOTOR CONTACTS instead of the HEAD CONTACTS If you have this problem with your drive I seriously recommend you give it a go. Take your time, make sure you do a looptest before conntecting to your drive, tripple check plus more to make sure the commands you enter are correct before pressing enter! Anyone in Northern Ireland who needs my device or assistance, PM me Good luck and thanks!