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  1. So you did not take a clean XP CD as source? Then you didn't read my guide carefully.It was not easy to help you, because you didn't answer all my questions and your few answers have always been hidden within your quoted text. Nevertheless it's fine, that you succeeded at least. Last questions (hoping for an answer): 1. Which of the different drivers worked for you at least? 2. Which HardwareID's has your freshly installed "NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller"? Thank you so much for your help, Great tutorial btw. 1. I used drivers from ur guide, but orginal from my motherboard's CD are working too (ver. 2. see attachment (I have polish windows version but its HArdware ID.
  2. Finnally its working. I had to use different windows CD to integrate drivers in it.
  3. My DVD Drive is connected as a SLave in the IDE connector. Mb have onlz one IDE connection on it.
  4. Thats probably because its set to IDE mode. I have two Seagate HDDs. ST31000333AS and ST3320620AS. They are both SATA. I dont have any other devices other that I listed above.
  5. Then you have done something wrong.Are you sure, that your hdd is a SATA one and connected to a NVIDIA SATA Controller? Have you really done the needed AHCI settings within the BIOS? Since you obviously are still able to run Windows XP, you may give me the HardwareID's of your currently running "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller" (Device Manager > "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" > right-click onto "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller" > "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareID's"). Im sure its Nforce because mainboard's chipset is nforce 750a
  6. That would be correct, if you have an nForce SATA system running with enabled "AHCI Mode".Are you sure, that the SATA Controller, where your hdd is connected, a ) is a NVIDIA nForce one and b ) is running in "AHCI Mode"? EDIT. Now I have realized your answers. This was not easy, because you have quoted the whole text inclusive your reply. You obviously are runinng your SATA Controller neither in AHCI nor in RAID Mode. Do the following: Try to boot off the original Windows XP without hitting F6 or having integrated any driver. I can install XP with my mb set to IDE mode with no problems. When I set it to AHCI, winXP installer wont detect any drives, With or without integration.
  7. As long as the AHCI or RAID Mode is enabled within the BIOS, the OS needs appropriate AHCI resp. RAID drivers. Otherwise you will not be able to boot the OS anymore. Which ASUS driver did you take and how did you integrate it?By the way: The AHCI/RAID drivers, which I am offering within my guide, are almost newer and possibly better than those you get from the mainboard manufacturer. Furthermore the use of them is much easier, because I have already prepared them for being integrated into a Windows XP CD. I intergrated 32bit nForce SATA_IDE driver v10.3.0.46 WHQL drivers now not nothing changes.
  8. Hi. I have a ASUS M3n72-D mb. I cant get AHCI to work. When I change drivers in windows the system wont boot anymore. I tried to integrate drivers in the instaler but still it wont detect any drives. I tried to use orginal AHCI drivers from ASUS with no luck.