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  1. Ex7forW8, has worked flawless for me, it is clean, smooth, neat, simple, what more could one ask for?
  2. I don't start a file transfer to pause it, I want it done or I would not start it. So file transfer pause is a waste of time.
  3. Well Said and True
  4. Not desktop friendly Won't run Nuance Paperport 14 No start menu Overall a down grade to Windows 7 I could keep listing, but I think you see the patern
  5. Thank You, I have used a few other programs for this, and I must say this by far the best.
  6. This is a Office topic, there is a place to talk Vista
  7. If you have a 3 gig plus processor, 2 gig plus of memory, new mother board, powerful video card, and all up to date hard and software vista will be ok, other wise stay away from it.
  8. New order page back up
  9. I have a LOT of those progs. running with the fire wall on and have had no problems.
  10. anyone know where we can find this: SAV build