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  1. Here's another sugestion. Type "control userpasswords2" in the run box. This will allow you to select a user and make that user log-in automatically. This should also modify the "DefaultUserName" & "DefaultPassword" registry keys.
  2. Thanks LaptoniC, also looking forward to your Thunderbird silent install.
  3. Thanks for your autoit script. I created my own, but it never worked correctly when it ran from an unattended disk. This was my attempt with autoit, but gave up in frustration. ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Script Start ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; ;Check to make sure PGP dir exists, if not create it ;If FileExists(@UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\") Then ;;Do nothing PGP dir exists ;Else ; DirCreate (@UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\") ;EndIf ; ;Copy the PGP keys to the users PGP Directory and remove Read only attribute ;FileCopy("pubring.pkr", @UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\", 1) ;FileCopy("secring.skr", @UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\", 1) ;FileSetAttrib(@UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\pubring.pkr", "-R+N") ;FileSetAttrib(@UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\secring.skr", "-R+N") ;Run("PGPDesktop.exe") ; ; ;Welcome ; ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "Welcome") ;Sleep(500) ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Next >", "Button1") ; ; ;License Agreement ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "License Agreement") ;Sleep(500) ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Yes", "Button2") ; ; ;Read Me ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3',"Read Me") ;Sleep(500) ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Next >", "Button2") ; ; ;User Type ;Checks to see if there are existing Keyrings ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "Do you already have PGP keyrings you would like to use?") ;Sleep(500) ; ;If FileExists(@UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\pubring.pkr") AND FileExists(@UserProfileDir & "\My Documents\PGP\secring.skr") Then ; ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "Yes, I already have keyrings.", "Button1") ;Else ; ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "No, I'm a New User", "Button2") ;EndIf ; ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Next >", "Button11") ; ; ;Install Directory ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "Setup will install PGP 8.0.3 in the following folder.") ;Sleep(500) ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Next >", "Button1") ; ; ;Select Components (I unselect PGP for OE) ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "Description") ;Sleep(500) ;Send("{DOWN}") ;Send("{DOWN}") ;Send("{DOWN}") ;Send("{SPACE}") ; ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Next >", "Button2") ; ; ;Start Copying Files ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "Today's date:") ;Sleep(500) ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "&Next >", "Button1") ; ; ;Choose location of your existing PGP key rings. Select the default location listed ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "Choose location of your existing PGP key rings.") ;Sleep(500) ;Send("{ENTER}") ; ; ;PGP 8.0.3 install complete. Unselect the Restart checkbox. ;WinWaitActive ('PGP 8.0.3', "PGP 8.0.3 install complete.") ;Sleep(5000) ;ControlFocus ("PGP 8.0.3", "&Yes, I want to restart my computer now.", "Button1") ;ControlClick ("PGP 8.0.3", "&Yes, I want to restart my computer now.", "Button1") ;ControlClick ('PGP 8.0.3', "Finish", "Button4")
  4. Anybody ever try to silently install PGP Desktop 8 or higher. The executable is install shield, but it won't accept any switches.