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  1. No worries. I like vista because it is more visual. Higher res icons, dreamscenes (if I can get it working on my new 64 bit build. Worked great on my 32 bit.) I tried 7 and although it runs tight, it seems too plain.
  2. Thank You Will this work with the vista service pack 1 dvd and install sp2 if placed in the Hfixes folder ? EDIT: just noticed in your first post Sorry for the noob questions. I am new to this.
  3. Thank You I have not tested the generated ISO. I just left all your info in the xml file as I have not yet taken the time to understand it, and just wanted to quickly try your app. Is it ok to put my own support info/name/serial ?
  4. Nice app maxXPsoft Thank you for sharing. Small bug to report: When copying from DVD drive Robocopy reports an error " ERROR : Invalid Parameter #4 : "/MT" " I got around it by removing the MT parameter from the CDcopy.cmd script Se7en_UA generates. I then ran the CDIMAGE.EXE solo, not through Se7en_UA.exe, because if I run it through Se7en_UA it rewrites the MT parameter into the CDcopy.cmd script. Once I got around this minor bug all else went smooth with no errors.