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  1. I've read almost this entire post and am still not real sure if I have the BSY problem or LBA 0 or neither.. so any help is really appreciated. I have two 500gb seagates that were in a raid 1 setup. they are ST3500320AS with SD81 firmware originally. both drives failed at about the same time. drive 1: detects and i can see the data but can only copy a few files before it loses it and the drive disappears from windows (or unbuntu). i flashed this drive to SD1A and now it throws SMART errors when posting and seems to not disappear in windows as often but it still fails and can't copy files. sometimes I'll get a several gb to copy before it fails; sometimes I can't get a single text file. once the drives fails I can reboot and it will detect it as 0 gb. if i power off and turn the pc back on, it will show up correctly again, let me copy a file or two (sometimes) and this disappear. drive 2: won't detect at all; actually locks up during post when its plugged in. doesn't spin properly either, makes a sound like this (not mine but sounds the same) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m8tsUOA2_0 I'm willing a try any of these fixes, but am not sure if my symptoms match. of course seagate denies this is a firmware problem. neither S/N shows in their list. thanks very much for your input! --Paul